9-11 10th Year Anniversary - The 9-11 Tree

Have you heard of The 9-11 Tree? It is also known as the Survivor Tree. Most Americans have not heard of this remarkable tree ten years after the events of 9/11. The tree and the story about it is truly remarkable and worth sharing.

Background on The 9-11 Tree

The now historic 9/11 Tree is a Callery Pear tree that was originally planted in the 1970's near buildings 4 and 5 in the World Trade Center plaza. When the World Trade Center twin towers (buildings 1 and 2) collapsed, the tree was consumed in the rubble. It was discovered weeks later and was described to have lifeless limbs, snapped roots and a blackened trunk. It was only 8 feet tall when it was rescued.

It was taken to the Van Cortlandt Park's department nursery in New York City where Horticulturists nursed it back to life. Today it stands over 30 feet tall.

In March, 2010 the tree was uprooted due to a violent storm, yet the team of horticulturists were able to replant it and nurse it back to life once again.

Mayor Bloomberg of New York City, other officials, and 9/11 survivors planted the now called "Survivor Tree" at the 9/11 Memorial Plaza in late December, 2010. Here at the Plaza the tree will grow among dozens of Swamp White Oak trees that were planted in August, 2010. When the Memorial Plaza is complete, it will be lined with about 400 trees.

Mayor Bloomberg was quoted saying, "Like the thousands of courageous stories of survival that arose from the ashes of the World Trade Center, the story of this tree also will live on and inspire many." The Mayor also called the tree "a testament to our ability to endure and a symbol of our unshakable belief in a brighter future."

The remarkable story of this survivor tree, The 9/11 Tree, is truly inspiring. It is for this reason that we have created a commemorative artwork that depicts the tree as a patriotic American symbol of hope, resilience and strength. We encourage you to purchase this collectible artwork, if you are inspired by this story.

9-11 10th Year Anniversary - The 9-11 Tree collectible artwork

9-11 10th Year Anniversary - The 9-11 Tree Collectible Artwork


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