9-11 10th Year Anniversary - About Christine Waniak-Howell

Christine Waniak-Howell

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Christine, who has been drawing and painting as far back as a young child, has developed her skills and style as a freelance artist into a wonderful career as a muralist and illustrator. She is recognized for her whimsical animals, elegant floral, magical landscape, and true-to-life portraits of people as well as their pets. Her work is displayed on a multitude of media that include murals, canvas paintings and sketches.

Her illustration work includes a wide range of people and pets, as well as unique architecture, all with the fine detail replicating a black & white photograph.

Christine enjoys custom work, both large and small, and she has been working alongside high-end builders, putting finishing touches on beautiful homes with faux finishes, murals, hand-painted furniture and ceilings. Her custom works reflect her ability to bring her client's vision to reality.

As the artistic director and advisor at EKTIMIS, Christine has worked closely with Niyi Taiwo (founder of EKTIMIS) to create a growing gallery of special and custom quality artwork that engender the EKTIMIS theme of respect and that tell the story of respect through Niyi's eyes.

Her latest commission, the 9-11 10th Year Anniversary print collection includes Reflection, the limited edition anniversary drawing featuring the New York City skyline and the aftermath of 9/11, as well as the 9-11 Tree. Her talent was manifested again on this special project when Niyi asked her to bring his 9/11 commemoration vision to life. Having grown up as a military brat, Christine holds a lot of respect for the military and is very proud to have been chosen by EKTIMIS to produce the commemorative work that honors them on this 9-11 10th Year Anniversary.

Christine is a single Mom of three wonderful children living a Christian life on the New Hampshire seacoast. She is thankful to God for the blessings of her gifts and artistic talents. One of her signature work appears below (first in the sequence) and has a hidden image in the sky. Can you find the angels in her painting? Christine may be reached at: christine@911TenthYear.com



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